Research in Management Education
and Development

Book Series edited by Charles Wankel,
St. John's University, New York


The Cutting Edge of International Management Education

Being and Becoming a Management Education Scholar

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Charles Wankel, St. John's University, New York
Robert DeFillippi, Suffolk University (Editors)

This volume surveys global best practices in international management education. Among areas presented are internationalizing business curricula including through integrated approaches involving multiple disciplines. The experience of international networks of business schools and other forms of partnering internationally in business education is discussed. Global international online team projects are considered. Multi-site study abroad program creation is discussed. The experience of transfer of such pedagogies as cooperative education across cultures is examined with a focus on cooperative education in China.

Table of Contents

New Vistas of International Management Education: Introduction, Charles Wankel and Robert DeFillippi.


From Going Alone to Going Along?: European Business Schools as Loosely Coupled Networks, Peter van Baalen and Lars Moratis.

Internationalizing French Management Education: A Contextual Analysis of Strategies in French Business Schools, Junko Takagi and Jean-Luc Cerdin.

Approaches for Internationalizing the Business School Curriculum: International Business Curriculum Approaches, Bruce Rollier and Christine Nielsen.

The Internationalization of the Business Curriculum through Language and Culture: A Theoretical and Practical Approach to Interdisciplinary Cooperation, Laura Ancilli, Michela Betta, Raffaela Dinelli, Laura Hougaz and Bruno Mascitelli.


Global Reality with Virtual Teams: Lessons from the Globally Distant Multicultural Teams Project, Joyce Osland, Allan Bird, Christian Scholz, Martha Maznevski, Jeanne McNett, Mark Mendenhall, Volker Stein and Doris Brunner.

International Online Workplaces: A Perspective for Management Education, Kirk St. Amant.

At a Distance: Learning About Cross-Cultural Virtual Teams in an International Management Course, Mikael Søndergaard, Marta B. Calás and Paul F. Donnelly.


Gaining a Global Mindset: The Use of Stories in International Management Education, Mila Gascó-Hernández and Teresa Torres-Coronas.

Cooperative Learning: Potentials and Challenges for Chinese Management Education, Dean Tjosvold, Zi-you Yu and Sofia Su Fang.

Creating a Multi-Site Summer Study Abroad Program, Thomas M. Porcano, William B. Snavely, David M. Shull and Wayne Staton.

Teaching International Business through International Student Consulting Projects: The GCP/JSCP at Ohio University, Gary Coombs and Ed Yost.

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